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  • Welcome, we're so glad you're here! Life is filled with thousands of little moments that together, become your family history. Our boutique photography studio is located in the heart of Downtown Mesa, Arizona. We proudly serve the Greater Phoenix Area: Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Tempe, Phoenix and Paradise Valley. Maternity and Newborn photography is our passion, and we would be thrilled to create beautiful art for your family. We invite you to take a look around. You can find information about the studio, session information and our portfolio in the links above. Scroll down to find our blog with the most up to date sessions and features.

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Lizzy is the proud wife of a United States Marine Corps Veteran. Military families move often, so being able to document and preserve this important chapter in the family history of our service members is a great honor. Here are a few of our favorite newborn military photos Lizzy has captured.

Taedra Maternity Hospital 2016,

How amazing, to look back and remember that this sweet girl was so tiny, she fit curled up in her daddy’s USMC cover.


This little girl’s daddy made it home safely from Afghanistan just a few days before her arrival.



Santa Mini Sessions for 2016!

The 2016 holiday season marks the THIRD year of offering private, stylized portrait sessions with Santa! We are so thrilled to have our 2016 Santa Portrait Experience dates scheduled: Saturday, December 3rd, and Saturday, December 10th.

Santa Ron {AKA the BEST Santa in the Valley!} will be joining us in studio again this year! He is a member of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas {yep, it’s a real thing!}. He comes equipped with an abundance of holly-jolly spirit, and endless North-Pole knowledge. We just love working with him year after year.

We will be posting sign-up information October 18th and will give you a heads up so you can set your alarms. These sessions sell out every year, and are some of the most magical moments we capture.

Just for fun, here’s a look down memory lane at a few of our favorite images from the past two years of Santa Mini Sessions:

The Santa Portrait Experience 2015:

All that glitters is gold was the set theme in our new studio in Downtown Mesa:

Amsden Santa 2015,

Anneliese Santa 2015,


The Santa Portrait Experience 2014:

2014 was our first year of Santa Mini Sessions, and oh what fun they were! Our team custom built the wood set, and had a great time decorating and stylizing all of the details.

Amsden Boys Santa 2014,

Peters Kids Santa 2014,

Griggs Santa Portraits 2014,

One of our favorite parts about our Santa Mini Sessions is watching the child’s face instantly light up as Santa greets them by name, and asks specific questions about their family/pet/school. We gather some key information from mom and dad ahead of time, just to make sure the experience is extra special.

Not every child is fond of Santa, and that’s ok too. Capturing the genuine interaction and emotions is a great way to document this chapter of their lives: are they terrified of ‘ol St. Nick? Or are they infatuated with his beard and tales of Rudolph?

We will post a little more about the Santa Portrait Experience for 2016 shortly, but wanted to tease you with a few images to get you in the holiday spirit!




My parents gave me my first camera, a Polaroid, for my 9th birthday. At the time I doubt they realized the fire they lit in my heart that day. That birthday present sparked a lifelong passion and love affair with the art of photography. I became enthralled with the ability to freeze time, and preserve moments.

On occasion, my mom would babysit the neighborhood kids and I saw this as an opportunity to refine my “skills” and employ them as my models. I would haul blankets from the linen closet to use as backdrops, and round up miscellaneous décor items to use as “props” to artfully accentuate my vision.

When the parents returned to collect their children, I would present them with my polaroid-creations, which were autographed of course. I remember the warm fuzzy feeling that would wash over me as I watched their faces. It is a feeling I still feel today when I present my clients with the artwork we create for their families. I was hooked on capturing and freezing those moments. If you look closely through the studio, you will find that first Polaroid camera and some of my original artwork circa 1994 on display.

Flash forward to 2007, when I started my first photography business in Arizona. I needed a name for my LLC, and “Life’s Memorable Moments” was a natural choice, as I was focused on documenting the memorable moments in my clients’ lives. Over the years, my business and art has evolved, but the word “moment” has always remained.

In 2014 I took a HUGE leap, and leased my first commercial studio space and created a newborn photography studio in Downtown Mesa, Arizona. In conjunction with moving to a commercial location, I knew my brand, logo and business name needed a complete overhaul. I agonized for weeks- as a complete change (including forming a new LLC) is a pretty big step.



A few weeks after I leased the studio, I had a dream that I was showing my Grandma Rose my new space. She was a feisty Latina, and savvy small business owner who passed away when I was 11 years old. In the dream, I excitedly shared my vision with her, but lamented at my dilemma on finding the “perfect” name for the rebrand, still wanting to include the word “moment”. Without missing a beat, Grandma Rose said “ you should call it Momento … the Spanish word for moment.” I loved it! In a way it seemed like a tribute to my grandma and her Hispanic heritage, and my love of the Spanish language (I lived in Costa Rica to learn Spanish in college).

Momento Studios. I woke up, and knew in my heart that it was meant to be. The rest is history!