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Lizzy McMillan | Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)

Professional Newborn Whisperer™ I Creative Portrait Artist I Studio Owner

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Image courtesy of Rachel Vanoven


Ok, now for the serious stuff:


My love affair with photography began at a very young age. When I was a child, my parents gave me a Polaroid camera for my 9th birthday. I would pose and capture images of the neighbor-kids my mom babysat, delivering the finished “product” to their parents proudly (if you look around the studio, some of those early Polaroids decorate the walls). In high school I dabbled in film photography and would get lost in the darkroom for hours, watching the magic of my portraits come to life before my eyes.


I loved photography so much that I minored in photojournalism from Arizona State University, while working for both a children’s portrait studio and as an apprentice wedding photographer. In total, I spent 3 years in the children’s portrait studio, earning the Certified Professional Children’s Photographer distinction, and 5 years as an associate wedding photographer. I completed my Masters degree in Small Business Administration in 2011, and am a Certified Professional Photographer through the Professional Photographers of America.

The Newborn Whisperer™  + The Multiples Whisperer™ …

When the brides I had photographed began to start their families, I found my true calling: capturing the beauty of motherhood and creating newborn art. Since 2003, I have dedicated myself to perfecting the art of newborn and maternity photography. In addition to photographing over 800 newborns, I have invested in education to study posing, lighting and proper safety techniques across the country with some of the nation’s best newborn instructors including: Ana Brandt, Rachel Vanoven and Amber Maness.

Over the years, my clients have given me the hard-earned moniker: The Newborn Whisperer™. Along my journey, I began specializing in the photography of newborn multiples, and gained a second moniker: The Multiples Whisperer™. I have the most extensive experience and portfolio in Arizona of photographing twins, triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets.

Momento Studios is the premier photography studio in Phoenix, Arizona for working with multiples.

I am dedicated to documenting your family history by creating heirloom quality art, while executing strict safety practices. As a mother of three children, I know all too well how fleeting the moments of childhood are. I absolutely love snuggling new babies, and feel so blessed to be living my dream job. It is an honor and privilege to be able to freeze time to preserve those moments for my clients.




Reyna Boveé

Professional Newborn Snuggler I Associate Portrait Artist

Reyna Momento Studios Arizona Newborn Photographer



I have been practicing the art of photography since 2010. I have dabbled in senior, wedding and newborn portraiture over the years. I absolutely love snuggling babies, helping to wrangle toddlers and reassuring new parents as Lizzy and I create art together. I am also fascinated by the digital-art side of photography, and have completed several courses in Photoshop and digital art. I absolutely love collaborating with you and Lizzy to create unique art for your family. I believe your portraits should tell your story, and am thrilled to be a part of documenting that story for you!



Momento Studios is not an in-home or garage studio. We are a boutique portrait studio located in a historic building in the heart of Downtown Mesa, Arizona. We are fully licensed, certified, insured and in good standing with:

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