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  • Welcome, we're so glad you're here! Life is filled with thousands of little moments that together, become your family history. Our boutique photography studio is located in the heart of Downtown Mesa, Arizona. We proudly serve the Greater Phoenix Area: Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Tempe, Phoenix and Paradise Valley. Maternity and Newborn photography is our passion, and we would be thrilled to create beautiful art for your family. We invite you to take a look around. You can find information about the studio, session information and our portfolio in the links above. Scroll down to find our blog with the most up to date sessions and features.

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From Lizzy:

I am humbled and thrilled to be among 30 of the best newborn and maternity photographer-educators in the world, teaching for the Milky Way Online Newborn + Maternity Retreat in February, 2018. 

I have an extreme passion (and major soft-spot) for newborn twins (and triplets/quads/quints). When I was asked to teach newer photographers some of my tried and true tips for safely working with newborn twins, I was over the moon excited! I hope you enjoy a sneak peek at several of the images from my video in the retreat, and a little of my “why” when it comes to my desire to educate and uplift the newborn photography community. 

Later this year, I will celebrate my FIFTEENTH year as a newborn photographer! I cannot believe that I have been blessed and able to snuggle and document these adorable tiny humans for nearly 15 years. I have learned a lot along my journey with photography, and I am excited to be able to share some of that knowledge and experience through the 2018 Online Newborn + Maternity Retreat! Education is very near and dear to my heart, and the ability to digitally connect with and help to educate thousands of photographers is not a responsibility I take lightly. 

When I first began photographing newborns, the learning curve for newborn photography was steep, and there were not many (if any) instructors that were available to share their wisdom in the art. The concept of “Community over Competition” was not the reality of the photography industry back then. There was a lot of trial and error, and the road was pretty lonely. To put things into perspective: when I began photographing newborns, YouTube did not exist, smart phones were not popular and Facebook was just starting out (it was only available to college students.) 

Through the incredible technology of today, photographers are now able to connect and learn how to safely work with newborn twins (among 30+ other topics). If you’re a photographer and you’re on the fence about joining the Online Retreat, you can learn more here. Investing in yourself and your education is always a great choice.



newborn twin boys neutral colors posed twins sleep hat pants mohair lizzy mcmillan momento studios



Happy New Year from Momento Studios, and these sweet newborn twins!

A New Year brings many things: goals, resolutions for self-improvement, the promise of a fresh start, and of course more babies!

Lizzy had the honor of photographing these sweet twin brothers last year- and they have such a fun story: One brother was born just before midnight (2016) and the other was born just after midnight (2017). So, although the brothers were technically born only 10 minutes apart, they have different birthdays, AND different birth years! These adorable mini-party hats are from Little Blue Olive and were absolutely perfect for this newborn twins photo session. 

newborn twin babies tiny hats new years babies

These twin brothers traveled over an hour from Peoria, Arizona for their newborn photo session in our Downtown Mesa, Arizona photography studio. Lizzy, aka The Multiples Whisperer™ had a wonderful time capturing these twins.

She unstacked this adorable doll bunk bed, so the boys could be photographed side by side, tucked in tight with gorgeous wool “fluff” from Lizzy’s favorite fluff vendor, Oh So Fleeting. The boys were born at 11:51PM on December 31, 2016 and 12:01AM on January 1, 2017 (which is indicated on the tiny clocks.)

It’s hard to believe these twin brothers just celebrated their first birthdays! 

new years eve twins different birthdays doll beds sleep hats wool fluff tiny clocks

We’ve been busy behind the scenes, updating our Mesa, Arizona newborn studio, and perfecting the details of our client experience. We can’t wait to share the progress (and photos) with you soon!

Happy New Year!





Lizzy McMillan to speak on photographing newborn multiples (twins+)

Belly Baby Beyond Conference Newborn Photography conference headshot

I am BEYOND {see what I did there} excited and humbled to announce that I have been invited as a professional speaker and educator for the largest international newborn, maternity and family photography conference, Belly Baby and Beyond Conference in Newport Beach, California in May.

I have always had a strong passion for public speaking {weird, I know!} and absolutely love being able to collaborate with and educate others in my photography field. About seven years ago I wrote a dream in my photography dream journal that included speaking at a professional conference, and I am thrilled that dream is coming true this year!

It is no secret that multiples OWN my heart, and photographing sets of twins, triplets, quads and quints is my specialty. I am delighted to be able to share some of my tips, tricks and posing with the newborn community at the event.

There are special procedures needed when photographing newborn multiples (such as having a skilled set of newborn-handling hands for each baby), and proper sanitization of camera gear/props, safe posing etc. I am also looking forward to sharing information about the importance of collaborating with other skilled newborn photographers vs. photographing multiples solo (and how to connect with others in your area), as well as special recommendations for working with preemies and micro preemies. 

In the past 12+ years I have had the joy of photographing over 40+ sets of newborn twins, 6 sets of newborn triplets, 1 set of newborn quadruplets, collaborated to photograph newborn quintuplets, and 1-year old twins, triplets, and quintuplets. Multiples… they are my JAM! 

Over the years, I have developed a great posing flow for multiples and cannot wait to be able to share this knowledge with the newborn community! It is truly such an honor to be invited to speak with some of the best photographers in the industry. 





Lizzy is the proud wife of a United States Marine Corps Veteran. Military families move often, so being able to document and preserve this important chapter in the family history of our service members is a great honor. Here are a few of our favorite newborn military photos Lizzy has captured.

Taedra Maternity Hospital 2016,

How amazing, to look back and remember that this sweet girl was so tiny, she fit curled up in her daddy’s USMC cover.


This little girl’s daddy made it home safely from Afghanistan just a few days before her arrival.